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Shanghai Municipal Education Commission


Shanghai Municipal Education Commission is a department responsible for education in Shanghai under Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

Its main functions include the following:

1. Implement relevant education laws, regulations, rules, guidelines and policies; research and draw up local education regulations, rules and policies and organize to implement relevant local regulations, rules and policies.

2. Undertake specific work of the Leading Group for Educational Work under CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, organize research on the Party construction and ideological and political construction policy, educational development strategy planning and major reform scheme in the field of education, and coordinate, supervise and urge the implementation of resolutions, work arrangements and requirements of the Leading Group for Educational Work under CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee.

3. Research and propose educational development and reform strategy for Shanghai and compile educational development plans and annual education plans according to national education development plan and Shanghai’s overall national economic and social development plan; put forward the development focus, scale, structure, spatial layout and steps of education; guide and coordinate the preparation and implementation of municipal and district/county-level educational plan and program; take charge of the statistics, analysis and announcement of basic information of education.

4. Conduct overall planning and macro management of pre-school education, basic education, higher education, vocational education, lifelong education, etc.; conduct overall planning for settings of institutions of higher education, settings of discipline and specialty, settings and adjustments of degree program, school size, admission plan and arrangements, etc.; carry out overall planning, coordination, guidance and advancement towards education system, school-running system and comprehensive reform of education and teaching; build modern school system and mange schools by law in Shanghai.

5. Boost high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, provide outer suburb area with more and better public educational resources, and facilitate integration of urban and rural education; promote diversification and specialization of general high school; deepen the reform of combining healthcare and special education; strengthen the admission, education and teaching management for ethnic minority classes in inland middle and high schools; and promote the reform of basic education curriculum and teaching and the configuration of basic education school facility and equipment.

6. Strengthen vocational education and teaching management, and promote curriculum teaching reform; consolidate and improve secondary vocational education level, promote the deepened industry-university-research cooperation of junior colleges (one of higher vocational colleges), develop vocational education for undergraduates, and improve the training mode for postgraduates with professional academic degrees; lead to innovate school-running model of non-government vocational education and facilitate the school-running cooperation between vocational schools/colleges run by the state and social force; and establish a regular release system for industrial human resource demand forecast and employment condition.

7. Optimize the layout and structure of higher education, improve policy measures and resource allocation, and conduct classified management, guidance and service; lead active demand for higher education and adjust and optimize the structure of discipline and specialty; improve undergraduate teaching quality, deepen postgraduate cultivation mechanism and adjust and optimize the postgraduate cultivation structure; improve the career guidance and service system and improve undergraduates’ employment and entrepreneurial abilities.

8. Implement the discipline development plans of institutions of higher education, improve innovation abilities of the institutions of higher education, and promote the construction of new think tank, technology market and national science park for colleges and universities; guide and advance the education and teaching research work in Shanghai; and conduct overall planning for educational information construction in Shanghai.

9. Conduct overall planning, coordination and guidance towards learning society construction and lifelong education promotion, establish a lifelong education system in Shanghai, promote the establishment of learning organization, and develop community education, family education, rural education and senior education; guide rural adult schools to conduct vocational-technical education and training, work with relevant departments to provide employment training for the groups with difficulties, and manage all kinds of non-academic education; conduct overall planning for language standard management, construction and service in Shanghai; and guide anti-illiteracy education work.

10. Encourage and regulate social force to run educational institutions, improve the policy measures for macro management of non-government education in Shanghai, and provide guidance for non-government educational organizations.

11. Conduct centralized management for foreign exchange via education system, and plan and guide school running projects concerning foreign affairs in Shanghai; plan, develop and improve the education for international students in Shanghai and improve the social service system for education of international students in Shanghai; plan and guide international Chinese language education and Confucius institute (classroom) construction in education system of Shanghai;

12. Conduct overall planning and administration of admission and student status management in all kinds of academic education; participate in formulating employment policies for graduates from general institutions of higher education this Municipality, reform the employment system for the graduates and guide institutions of higher education in this Municipality to work on employment and entrepreneurship of undergraduates; make an overall plan to help solve students’ employment problems, and participate in formulating and implementing the education funding policy.

13. Plan as a whole and guide all kinds of teachers and educational administration cadres at all levels to conduct construction work centralized at professional ethics; conduct macro management for teacher qualification accreditation, and guide and coordinate the recruitment and appointment for professional and technical posts of education series.

14. Plan as a whole and guide moral education, physical education and health work, art and science popularization and national defense education work in all kinds of schools at all levels; and strengthen the construction of instructor teams and ideological and political theory courses in general institutions of higher education in this Municipality.

15. Manage relevant municipal educational appropriations and educational state-owned assets, participate in developing the charging standards of all kinds of schools at all levels, and strengthen the management of education fees; supervise the execution of budget for educational appropriations and the standard use of educational appropriations; manage educational basic construction projects and coordinate the construction and management of college and university park in Shanghai; and take charge of educational audit and inspection work in Shanghai.

16. Organize educational supervision and assessment work, evaluate and monitor academic quality of basic education, and develop and improve all kinds of educational standards at all levels that are consistent with national educational standard system and Shanghai’s actual situation.

17. Plan, guide and coordinate the school logistics reform, logistics management, and conservation-oriented campus construction, and coordinate and guide public security education, drug control education, campus security management and emergency management work; coordinate and guide the protection of minors; coordinate and guide comprehensive security governance work in colleges and universities, primary, middle and high schools, kindergartens and their surrounding areas.

18. Take charge of the acceptance and hearing of relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings; and coordinate the handling of the letters and visits from the masses through the education system.

19. Fulfill other tasks as may be assigned by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.