Rediscover joy of reading at Shanghai's used book fair


The 2024 Shanghai Book Fair sees the much-anticipated return of the "Used Book Fair" from April 19 to 28, running daily from 10 am to 8 pm. This literary extravaganza will take place on the south bank of the Suzhou Creek, located at No 186 South Suzhou Road in the Huangpu district.

The event promises a host of exciting surprises, including the following highlights:

1. Bookish Bus: A Mobile Reading Space


To enhance the book-buying experience for readers, the Shanghai Book Company has partnered with the Jingao Public Transport Company to introduce the "Bookish Bus - Reading Shanghai".


The route, starting from the Pudong Library, will make stops at various locations, including the south entry of Yuyuan Garden, Fuzhou Road, and North Shaanxi Road, before ending at the Used Book Fair at Sakura Valley station along the Suzhou Creek.


Passengers will not only enjoy the cultural charm of Shanghai during the journey but will also have the opportunity to peruse books, make appointments for old book acquisitions, and engage in cultural knowledge-sharing sessions on ancient book restoration techniques, letterpress printing, and vintage periodicals.

"Bookish Bus" Booking Guidelines

♠ Booking Process

Scan the QR code below or follow the "Shanghai Book Company" official WeChat account, then click the "Cultural Services" tab at the bottom menu and select the "Bookish Bus Booking" function to make an online reservation.


♠ Important Notes

Each phone number can only be used to book for one passenger and cannot be shared.

As the "Bookish Bus" has limited seating, each booked passenger should ensure timely arrival to avoid resource wastage and to respect the rights of other riders.

In case of inability to join as planned, passengers must cancel their reservation along the original route one day in advance to release the slot for other interested passengers.

Riders who fail to cancel per the regulations and miss the ride without valid reasons will be unable to book the "Bookish Bus" service for a certain period.

♠ Boarding Verification

Booked passengers should scan the QR code upon boarding at the designated date and location and undergo verification by the staff after being redirected to the corresponding page.

The operating hours are April 19 to 28, with two departures from the Pudong Library each day: 9:30 am and 1:30 pm.

The entire journey lasts approximately two hours.

Participation Benefits

Each booked passenger who boards the bus will receive an exclusive keychain and a commemorative ticket.


2. On-Site Used Book Fair: A Plethora of Rare Finds

The event will feature an impressive array of over 30,000 types of ancient books and periodicals, including rare editions, out-of-print books, and signed copies. Additionally, nearly 3,000 specially priced books spanning various genres will be available, including traditional comic books, social sciences, literature, arts, travel, lifestyle, and children's literature. Readers can also bring their old books for evaluation and potential sale, with the added convenience of an online platform for book assessment and identification services.


3. Used Book Acquisition: Online and Offline Integration

Readers can bring their accumulated old books to the venue for evaluation and potential sale by staff from the Shanghai Book Company. Alternatively, they can also schedule doorstep acquisitions online, streamlining the process and facilitating an upgrade of their libraries. For added convenience, the Shanghai Book Company has launched the "Old Book Acquisition Platform" on their official WeChat account, offering scanning for book acquisitions, evaluations, and version identifications. Scan the QR code to learn more:


4. Exhibitions and Lectures: A Glimpse into Literary Artistry


The event will showcase the artistry of collotype printing, a technique that has played a significant role in the history of publishing in Shanghai. Renowned figures such as Professor Chen Zhenghong from Fudan University will share their experiences in book hunting and the intricacies of navigating the world of ancient literature.

5. Intangible Cultural Heritage Alley: Immersive Traditional Cultural Experiences


This section will offer a comprehensive exploration of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, including woodblock printing, letterpress printing, Yunnan embroidery, Chongming handmade cloth, handmade ceramic tea bowls, and Guizhou embroidery.




6. Creative Assembly: A Fusion of Cultural and Artistic Delights

The event will feature a collection of nearly 600 cultural and artistic products, including handcrafted ceramic tea bowls, literary-themed creative products, and commemorative souvenirs, all designed to enrich the reading experience and celebrate the cultural heritage of Shanghai.


This extravaganza promises to be a celebration of literature, culture, and creativity, inviting readers to become immersed in the joy of book hunting and the rich tapestry of cultural experiences. As the event unfolds, participants will have the opportunity to engage with literary treasures, experience traditional craftsmanship, and revel in the vibrant cultural ambiance of Shanghai.


Source: "shbookfair" WeChat account