Alipay introduces NFC payment in Shanghai

Alipay, a popular Chinese mobile payment platform, has recently unveiled a new Near Field Communication (NFC) payment feature, which has garnered significant attention.

This innovative payment method has been implemented in select stores in Shanghai, including Joy City in Jing'an district and Bailian Group's EGO convenience stores.


[Photo/WeChat account: jaxwzx]

Early adopters like Ms Fang, a white-collar worker in the Daning Business Center, have praised the new payment system for its convenience and speed.

The NFC payment method addresses common pain points associated with traditional QR code payments. Users no longer need to open the Alipay app and navigate to the payment code. Instead, they can simply tap their phone against the NFC reader to complete a transaction, regardless of the app they are currently using.


[Photo/WeChat account: jaxwzx]

EGO, one of the first convenience store chains to adopt this technology in Shanghai, reports a steady increase in NFC payment transactions. The company plans to install NFC payment devices in over 100 stores across the city by the end of July.

The new NFC payment devices are compatible with existing QR code payment methods, supporting multiple platforms including Alipay, WeChat Pay, and UnionPay. This ensures that consumers can choose their preferred payment method.

Addressing security concerns, Alipay has implemented safeguards to prevent unauthorized transactions. The NFC payment function requires the phone to be unlocked before a transaction can be completed, and users can set their own limits for password-free payments.


Source: "jaxwzx" WeChat account