WorldSkills Museum to feature ceramics skills exhibition on Intl Museum Day| May 15, 2024

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The Ceramics Skills Exhibition at Shanghai's WorldSkills Museum will present a new style of Chinese ceramics. [Photo/]

Shanghai's WorldSkills Museum will debut its first-ever Ceramics Skills Exhibition on International Museum Day on May 18, with a range of public education activities to enhance the visitor experience, announced the museum during a press briefing on May 14.

Co-hosted by the Palace Museum and several other renowned museums, the exhibition is running from May 7 to July 30 except on Mondays, and admission is free to all visitors. It showcases 10 first-grade cultural relics for the first time in Shanghai, according to Qu Jianan, the exhibition's curator.

Themed "Turn Clay into Gold", the exhibition will be divided into three main sections, each highlighting a different aspect of ceramics. These sections will showcase their beauty across various times and cultures, delve into the intricate skills involved in ceramic production, and narrate stories of the innovative applications of ceramics, according to the press briefing.

One of the exhibition's key highlights is the area dedicated to introducing the skills involved in ceramic craftsmanship, which occupies half of the total exhibition space. The museum will utilize multimedia presentations to illustrate the entire production process, showcasing raw materials, tools, and semi-finished products on-site.

Driven by technological advancements and innovation, the new applications of ceramics have gained prominence in various fields such as medicine, environmental protection, aerospace, and new energy. Notable examples include the deep-sea transparent ceramic LED lamp, large aperture protective cover and camera, and experimental devices for composite materials from Tiangong-2 and Shenzhou-11.

Pan Yu, the deputy curator of the WorldSkills Museum, emphasized the importance of engaging and educating young visitors during the press briefing, highlighting the museum's role as an educational hub for youth development.

To celebrate International Museum Day, the museum will feature skilled ceramics experts demonstrating molding and stretching techniques, along with expert lectures on the innovative applications of ceramics. Workshops will be set up at the exhibition to engage the public in hands-on ceramic creation.

Additionally, from May 9 until the end of the month, the museum will showcase creative products crafted by youth expressing their skills and understanding on the fourth floor, as well as photos of the museum captured by female artists on the first floor, offering visitors a diverse and enriching experience.