I live in China on a spousal visa/residence permit. How can I get a work permit if I am offered a job in Shanghai?


If you are living in China and plan to work in Shanghai, your employer needs to apply for a work permit for you.

First, HR will upload the required documents to the Service System for Foreigners Working in China through the employer's account. The preliminary review will be done online and take up to five working days, provided all your documents are complete. If you pass the preliminary review, HR will then take the original version of your documents to the offline service window.

The next step is another review and decision-making period, which will take five to 10 working days, depending on the category of the work permit your employer is applying for. If your documents meet all the requirements, you will be issued a work permit. HR will go back to the window to fetch the work permit for you.

After that, you need to contact the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau (hotline: 12367) to apply for a new residence permit (purpose for residence is work).

For more information about applying for a work permit, you can turn to the e-book Guide to Issues Regarding Foreigners Working in Shanghai on the official website.


Source: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology