Can I bring necessary medication for personal use when traveling in Shanghai?

According to the National Medical Products Administration, individuals can bring a small amount of medication for personal use when entering or leaving the country. However, the drugs should be for personal use, within reasonable quantity, and subject to Customs inspection.

According to the Regulation on the Administration of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Drugs: For the sake of treating illnesses, individuals may, on the basis of medical diagnoses certifications issued by medical institutions and personal proof of identity, carry with them narcotic drugs and Class 1 psychotropic substances within the maximum amounts permissible for a single prescription. Those who carry narcotic drugs and Class 1 psychotropic substances into and out of China's borders are to be released by Customs in line with the principles of personal and reasonable use.

Medical personnel who carry small amounts of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances into or out of the country for medical purposes are to hold permits for carrying these substances issued by the people's government drug regulatory departments at and above the provincial level. Customs are to grant releases on the basis of the permits for carrying narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The Shanghai Customs District P.R.China hotline: (021)-12360