Travel tips: Prohibited items in the subway

Undergoing security checks is a common occurrence when using the subway. To ensure seamless passage, it's crucial to be aware of items that are not permitted inside the station. Shanghai Shentong Metro Group, the metro operator, provides essential guidance:

What can't I bring into a subway station?

- Items weighing more than 23 kilograms and have a volume exceeding 0.2 cubic meters, or those that have a total length, height and width that exceed 1.8 meters, are prohibited from entering the station.

- Bicycles, inflatable balloons, and all animals (except guide dogs and police dogs) are restricted from entering the station.

- Scooters are not permitted for use within the station premises.

- Dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, toxic, harmful, radioactive, corrosive substances that pose risks to safety — along with items that emit strong odors, and fragile or sharp objects that have been inadequately packaged — are strictly prohibited due to potential hazards to individuals and property.


Source: "sh_metro" WeChat account