I am about to leave China once my employment contract ends. What do I need to do about my tax and permits?


According to the Shanghai Municipal Tax Service, taxpayers without domicile in China who leave the country before March 1 of the next financial year may handle final settlement before leaving the country. You can bring your identity document to the tax hall of the tax bureau your employer is registered with.

According to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, if the contract is terminated in advance, the employer shall apply for cancellation of the work permit within 10 working days from the date of termination. The cancellation is applied and handled online via the employer's account of the Service System for Foreigners Working in China. If the contract ends concurrently with the expiration of the employee's work permit, the cancellation channel in the system will be closed and the staff responsible for overseeing work permits in the company will have to contact the Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau. Since the work permit-related procedure is done by the employer not the employee, it is suggested that the employer contact the bureau directly via their hotline: 400-820-5114.

Regarding the visa/residence permit, please contact the exit and entry bureau via their hotline: 12367. About other matters, please contact 12345.