A look into Fuxing bullet trains: The evolution and innovation of China's high-speed rail


The Fuxing bullet train, China's self-developed high-speed locomotive, has seen its family expand, with speeds ranging from 160 km/h to 350 km/h. These trains come in various models, including "super long" and "super frost-resistant", and offer features such as autonomous operation and full-train oxygen supply.

Let's take a look at the Fuxing train family.


This year is the Year of the Dragon. When it comes to dragon-themed Fuxing trains, the "Smart Travelling Dragon" (Rui Long Zhi Xing) and "Auspicious Dragons and Phoenixes" (Long Feng Cheng Xiang) trains are two excellent examples.


As of the end of 2023, a total of 1,194 standard 8-car sets of Fuxing high-speed trains have been put into operation, transporting 2.2 billion passengers, safely operating for a cumulative distance of 2.34 billion kilometers, and covering 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions, as well as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Fuxing trains are running across the vast land of China. In the future, a new generation of EMUs that are faster, more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly, and safer are sure to appear.


Source: China State Railway Group