Cold wonton

Shanghai is known for its diverse wonton creations, tailored to different times of the day and seasons.

Cold wontons are perfect for hot summer days in Shanghai. These chilled treats offer a refreshing take on traditional wontons.


[Photo/WeChat account: shanghaistyle021]

Cold wontons are typically large, filled with a mixture of vegetables and meat, cooked, and then chilled. They are served with a thick peanut and sesame sauce, vinegar, and sometimes chili oil for those seeking a spicy kick.

The firm texture of the meat and vegetable filling combined with the rich flavors of the sauce creates a satisfying experience for foodies.


[Photo/WeChat account: shanghaistyle021]

Recommended restaurants in Shanghai to try cold wontons include Da Fu Gui on Zhonghua Road, De Xing Guan on Guangzhou Road, Lao Ban Zhai on Fuzhou Road, Bei Wan Xin on Huaihai Road, Cang Lang Ting on Chongqing Road, and Fengyu Shengjian on South Shaanxi Road.


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