Stir-fried eel with wild rice stems

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival, from June 8 to 10 this year, is more than just savoring zongzi (sticky rich dumplings) and engaging in dragon boat races.

In many regions of China, another custom involves savoring wu huang, which literally translates to "five yellow" and includes yellow croaker, eel, cucumber, salted egg yolk, and realgar wine.

In Shanghai, people commemorate this holiday by eating stir-fried eel slices with jiaobai, or wild rice stems.

Wild rice stems is renowned for its crisp texture and fresh fragrance. It is often referred to as "water ginseng" and complements the delicate and nutrient-rich eel slices.

The combination of these two ingredients creates a dish so fragrant that it is truly a delight on the dining table.


A plate of stir-fried eel with wild rice stems. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaifabu]


Source: "shanghaifabu" WeChat account