Nanfengrou, a unique delicacy in southern China, literally means "south wind pork" in Chinese. As the name indicates, the pork is traditionally air dried in Jiangnan - the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

In the sweltering summer heat, nanfengrou is a wonderful choice to whet your appetite. A classic way to cook nanfengrou is serving it with sliced bean curd. The scent of the bean curd blends perfectly with the cured flavor of the meat, producing a savory sensation that no one can resist.

If you are looking for something more suitable for summer, a soup with nanfengrou and wax gourd would be the best choice. The light taste of the wax gourd balances the salty pork, and some bamboo shoots will further elevate the umami savor.

Nanfengrou typically enters the market in June, staying available for a brief three to four months. When autumn arrives, you will need to patiently wait until the following year to savor its unique flavors.


A bowl of soup with nanfengrou, wax gourd and bamboo shoots. [Photo/WeChat account: shhuangpu]


Source: "shhuangpu" WeChat account