Bright Food's ice cream brick

Children born in and around Shanghai are devoted fans of the snowy white Bright ice cream brick (guangming bingzhuan).

It is renowned for both its high quality and its reasonable price, and has been on the market for decades.

For many Shanghai locals, its creamy, sweet taste brings forth many cherished childhood memories.


An iconic Shanghai summer treat: the Bright ice cream brick. [Photo/]

As you unwrap the classic blue package of Bright Food's ice cream brick, an inviting aroma of milk instantly fills the air.

The proper way to enjoy a Bright ice cream brick is a topic of discussion among food enthusiasts. One suggestion is to place the brick in a bowl, peel off the wrapper, and savor the ice cream as is.

Alternatively, you may want to sandwich the ice cream between biscuits or bread to create a refreshing summer treat.

Whether enjoyed alone or paired with coffee, fruit, or desserts, this ice cream promises to sweeten your day during the summer months.


Blending a Bright ice cream brick with coffee makes for a tasty Affogato. [Photo/WeChat account: iloveqingpu]

Other unusual ways include dipping a brick into a glass of beer or cola, or putting the entire thing inside a cake.


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