Mung bean cakes

Although most desserts lose their appeal during the summer season, mung bean cake is an exception. If you are a cake lover like most of Shanghai residents, then give this refreshing dessert a try.

To create a classic mung bean cake, you only require mung beans, butter, and sugar. Despite the simplicity of its ingredients, mung bean cakes have a surprisingly delightful taste.

These cakes are made of a sandy paste that melts in your mouth and pairs perfectly with milk. The astringency of mung beans is toned down by the butter, making the overall texture of this dessert tender and creamy. The proportion of butter and sugar is just enough to add richness to the cake without making it overly sweet.

In Chinese medicine, mung beans have a cold property, making them ideal for helping you stay cool during the summer. If you want to enhance the effect, you can chill mung cakes in the fridge before enjoying them.

Mung bean cakes.jpg

Mung bean cakes are usually pale yellow, and those with matcha powder are green. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghai-yangpu]


Source: "shanghai-yangpu" WeChat account