"China International Service Platform" is officially launched to create new full-service experience for foreign talents


On June 3, the “China International Service Platform” (www.chinajob.com) was officially launched by the Foreign Talent Research Center of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. This platform is a comprehensive upgrade of foreign talent services nationwide, focusing on foreign talent and aiming to enhance the convenience and comfort of foreign talents who work and live in China. The purpose is to help foreign talents integrate more quickly into the Chinese society by providing them with comprehensive information services that have the characteristics of "full-chain, integrated, convenient, online and offline service".

The “China International Service Platform” is identified as a public welfare, service-oriented, social, and guide-oriented platform. 

The platform is divided into different sections such as work, business, study, and tourism, and has various “Life in China” scenarios related to food, entertainment, transportation, sightseeing, medical care, and Chinese language learning. Included are various guides for first time visitors to China to help them navigate and locate relevant platform information.

It is designated as a one-stop service information platform where authoritative policy services, accurate information services, and life services are provided in an integrated manner.

With an all-English layout, the platform offers useful FAQs and answers, highlights the sharing of foreign talent’s immersive stories, focuses on cordial and friendly interactive experiences, and takes consideration of the usage habits of foreigners when it is designed.

The “China International Service Platform” has seven main categories: Policies, Events, In Focus, Jobs, Stories, Charming Cities, and Discover. In the future, the platform will also provide various offline activities, such as policy releases and promotions, visits to cities and high-tech enterprises, face-to-face recruitment, local cultural experiences, and more, making the service more useful and enticing.