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Savor unique charm of Hengshan-Fuxing Roads Historic Protection Zone



Amid gentle autumn breezes, a cultural journey featuring a sensational mix of music, architecture, history, fashion and delicious foods began at the Hengshan-Fuxing Roads (Hengfu) Historic Protection Zone in Xuhui District on Sunday.

The Fuxing Art Festival, in its 10th year, an iconic event of the ongoing Shanghai Tourism Festival, and the Hengfu Golden Autumn Shopping Season, invites residents and tourists from around the world to savor the unique charm of the zone.

The historic protection zone features a cluster of beautiful old villas, plane tree-lined sidewalks, chic cafes and restaurants, as well as a laid-back atmosphere.

Through October 6, a slew of activities will be held in the zone, offering a delightful experience amid the aroma of coffee.

On Sunday, September 29 and October 2, more than 40 pop-up performances from jazz and folk music to Zumba will be staged in the area, enabling people to enjoy the flavor of haipai (Shanghai-style) culture.

"I just strolled by and was attracted by the beautiful melodies," said resident Li Yanni at a pocket park on Hengshan Road.

"It is a surprising delight and sheds a light into the daily hustle and bustle. I love the artistic side of the district."

A city walk map for the zone bearing the theme of music and architecture was unveiled on Sunday, stringing together record stores, Shanghai Symphony Museum, and a number of historical buildings.

There will also be a bazaar featuring vintage items from wine and shoes, to vinyl and ornaments between September 22 and 24 at Jialanting Pocket Park.

Twenty-five sculptures of Fuxing Cat, the mascot of the festival, are on display through the festival in a graffiti style.

About 50 stores in the zone will host music performance and art exhibitions through the festival.

Pop-up performance

Date: 3pm-4:45pm, September 29

Venue: FIlM Bookstore (322 Anfu Road)

LOOKNOW (286 Wukang Road)

Longmenzhen (378 Wukang Road)

Date: 3pm-4:45pm, October 2

Venue: Huaihai Plaza (1045 Huaihai Rd M.)

Blackstone Apartments (1331 Fuxing Rd M.)