Measures for Implementing the Shanghai Global Partners for Foreign Investment Promotion


These implementation measures are developed based on Shanghai’s unique conditions to capitalize on new global investment opportunities, effectively coordinate and leverage international and domestic resources, attract high-quality foreign investment, and spur foreign investment quality and quantity.

I. Definition of Global Partners

The Shanghai Global Partners for Foreign Investment Promotion, also known as “Global Partners”, are enterprises, institutions, or organizations that have established a cooperative relationship with Shanghai. They leverage their advantages and industry resources to introduce foreign-funded projects that  with Shanghai’s industrial development vision, and assist with project implementation. Global Partners are expected to have a diverse range of platforms, businesses, investments, customer resources, and information channels. They can be classified into the following categories:

(1) Professional services: Internationally renowned accounting firms, law firms, consulting agencies, real estate consultants, etc.

(2) Financial capital: Multinational banks, well-known venture capital institutions, leading sector-specific funds, etc.

(3) Industrial chain partners: Top 500 multinationals, major and leading enterprise in Shanghai’s pillar industries, etc.

(4) Business associations: International cooperation organizations, functional platforms, overseas business associations in Shanghai, and various trade associations in the city.

II. Qualification Confirmation and Procedure

Global Partners shall meet the following criteria: comply with Chinese laws, regulations, and relevant provisions and fulfill the regulatory requirements of Chinese authorities; contribute to and support Shanghai’s development, and actively contribute to Shanghai’s investment promotion work; enjoy a reputable presence and influence in related fields and industries, demonstrate strong capabilities in social activity, possess extensive investment information channels, and have domestic and international merchant resources; and maintain honesty, integrity, adhere to professional ethics, and safeguard business confidentiality.

After receiving self-recommendation and endorsement from municipal and district government (or functional zone) authorities, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and relevant authorities will issue a

Letter of Appointment to the Shanghai Global Partners for Foreign Investment Promotion

and make an official announcement on the relevant website.

If Global Partners fail to attract investment in line with these measures or engage in activities unrelated to their duties that have adverse effects, they may be disqualified as Global Partners.

III.  Global Partners’ Roles and Responsibilities

(1) Global Partners are supposed to familiarize themselves with Shanghai’s urban development planning and industrial development priorities, and assist in promoting the implementation of high-quality investment projects ed with Shanghai’s industrial development vision.

(2) Global Partners are encouraged and supported to organize or assist in planning and executing domestic and international investment promotion activities. This includes promoting industry summits, professional forums, and other events to be held in Shanghai, as well as inviting well-known overseas investment institutions and high-quality enterprises to visit Shanghai for a better understanding of the city’s investment environment and policies.

(3) Global Partners are expected to provide advice and suggestions to Shanghai in the preparation of industrial planning, formulation of investment promotion plans, introduction of industrial policies, and review of key projects.

IV. Incentives and Measures

(1) Global Partners who successfully recommend and promote the implementation of foreign-funded projects in Shanghai will receive financial rewards based on the actual amount of foreign investment or the level of institutional capacity, with rewards varying according to industry classification and functional platforms. However, real estate development projects, industrial real estate (park development) projects, construction projects, and donation projects are not eligible for such rewards.

(2) Every year, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce will organize relevant authorities to evaluate the work of Global Partners in areas such as investment promotion and talent introduction, event organization, and city promotion, as well as their contributions and influence in promoting project implementation. Outstanding Global Partners and introduced projects will be recognized and honored at municipal events.

(3) Global Partners will be invited to participate in various activities organized by the municipal government, such as government-enterprise roundtable meetings and investment promotion events.

(4) Global Partners with outstanding performance will be recommended as members of the Shanghai Mayor International Entrepreneurs Consultation Conference. The main responsible persons for the Global Partners will be recommended for participation in the city’s Magnolia Friendship Awards and other titles.

(5) Eligible persons of Global Partners who engage in investment promotion can enjoy relevant talent policies in the city, including the ability to apply for an overseas talent residence permit (B certificate) and foreign high-end talent (Class A) and foreign professionals (Class B) work permits.

(6) To facilitate investment promotion work, Global Partners’ employees responsible for investment promotion and attractive talent being introduced will receive convenience and protection measures when traveling to and from Shanghai. This includes port visas, stop (residence) documents, Hong Kong and Macao multiple-entry endorsements, and APEC business travel cards.

V. Work Mechanisms and Measures

(1) Improving work mechanisms

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce will establish a task force to manage and serve Global Partners. This will include overseeing the qualification confirmation and performance evaluation of Global Partners, as well as providing incentives. A commissioner mechanism will also be established to register information on investment projects introduced by Global Partners for easy tracking.

(2) Promoting project implementation

To provide maximum convenience for the implementation of projects, the task force will play a coordinating role in promoting project access, planning, land use, environmental protection, energy use, construction, foreign exchange, and other matters for major foreign investment projects that have been assisted by Global Partners.

(3) Optimizing resource allocation

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, in conjunction with the foreign investment promotion authorities of each district (functional zone), will coordinate the city’s investment promotion information and resource allocation, i.e., collecting investment promotion and industrial investment policies introduced at the municipal and district levels, strengthening information and resource sharing with Global Partners, and regularly providing them with information on the city’s and relevant districts’ economic and social development, which includes key industrial planning, investment guides, policy compilations, and investment promotion activities.

(4) Stepping up publicity efforts

Commerce and investment promotion authorities at all levels will actively collaborate with traditional and new media interactive platforms to promote the Global Partners program, report on Global Partners’ investment promotion results, and present a compelling narrative about why Shanghai is an ideal investment destination.

The operating rules for these measures shall be subject to separate arrangements by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce and relevant authorities.