ECNU bids farewell to international graduates


ECNU international graduates celebrate their graduation. [Photo/ECNU]

Shanghai's East China Normal University (ECNU) recently held a farewell ceremony for its international graduates.

The ceremony commenced with a group photo session, the screening of a graduation commemorative video, and the distribution of gifts. It was enriched by captivating student performances, enhancing the celebratory ambiance.

Representatives from the university's bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. programs delivered heartfelt speeches during the event. Jung Jaeuk from South Korea reflected on the cherished memories made at ECNU, while Ferafontova Vlada from Russia emphasized the enduring bond that all the students now share with the university.

Anastasi Anthony William Donald from the United States underscored the graduates' role as cultural ambassadors. He expressed, "In China, we are ambassadors of our countries, sharing our cultures and perspectives with classmates and the broader community. When we return to our homelands, we are ambassadors of China, fostering understanding and building bridges between our nations."

Professor Tang Yonghua, who also spoke at the event, inspired the graduates to strive towards making the world a better place through their endeavors. Huang Meixu, director of the ECNU Global Education Center, encouraged them to maintain their curiosity, share their experiences in China with the world, and nurture the bonds they made at ECNU.