Shanghai University professor inspires intl students to embrace beauty of Chinese language

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Chang Jun, an associate professor at Shanghai University's College of International Education. [Photo/WeChat ID: ShangDaFaBu]

Chang Jun, an associate professor at Shanghai University's College of International Education, has dedicated 30 years to nurturing a love of the Chinese language and the country's rich culture among international students.

With a background in folk culture, Chang seamlessly integrates language teaching with the transmission of local cultural knowledge.

She actively explores practical paths in international Chinese education, aiming to showcase the beauty of her mother tongue on the global stage.

Chang has supervised master's degree students from various countries, fostering a strong bond with them.

"I tend to have heart-to-heart conversations with students freely, just like friends," said Chang.

She carefully guides her students' growth, helping them to find points of interest in their research through discussions and exchanges.

Chang's commitment to her students goes beyond the classroom. She emphasizes the importance of nurturing students' cross-cultural communication skills and global awareness.

By organizing cultural activities and encouraging participation in events – such as the "Chinese Bridge" Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students – she has provided students with great opportunities to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and the language.

"Seeing my students understand traditional Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival, progress from having no knowledge of Chinese to being able to converse fluently – and eventually completing their undergraduate and master's theses – fills me with immense pride and a sense of accomplishment as a teacher," she says.

During an interview, Chang shared a heartwarming story. While visiting the University of Tokyo, she met several Japanese and American students who had graduated some years ago. They presented her with a small booklet that she had created for them as a graduation memento.

The students' sincerity and gratitude deeply moved Chang, reinforcing her belief that the most fulfilling moments for a teacher are witnessing the success and growth of their students.