Shanghai universities' presidents inspire graduates with farewell speeches

China Daily

Another graduation season has arrived. As this year's graduates prepare to open their next life chapters, the graduation speeches delivered by the presidents of universities in Shanghai offer sincere reflections and wishes that will resonate for years to come.

Their words not only reflect on the graduates' work ethic but also express hopes for their future endeavors. These speeches, both powerful and heartfelt, are an inspiration to the next generation.

President Jin Li of Fudan University:

Embrace innovation as a way of life, and chart your own course. Be a "big-picture player" - the key to success not just in gaming, but in innovation.

Like top gamers, innovators must strategize, allocate resources, and control pace. In reality, this means examining trends, identifying opportunities and risks, planning for both long and short term, taking responsibility, embracing calculated risks, adapting to change, and fostering collaboration.


Jin Li. [Photo/WeChat account: Chinadaily_Mobile]

President Ding Kuiling of Shanghai Jiao Tong University:

While "greatness cannot be planned", I believe it can be accumulated. Influencing and changing the world is a gradual process, often a result of small advancements.

Persist in your fields with the dedication of "10 years to hone one sword", and seek small breakthroughs that contribute to world-changing leaps.


Ding Kuiling. [Photo/WeChat account: Chinadaily_Mobile]

President Zheng Qinghua of Tongji University:

You were born in an era of immense promise and opportunity. You represent the seeds of hope for the future and are responsible for helping build our nation's strength.


Zheng Qinghua. [Photo/WeChat account: Chinadaily_Mobile]

President Qian Xuhong of East China Normal University:

While AI may surpass humans in knowledge retention and simple tasks, the diversity, complexity, and innovativeness of human thinking remain irreplaceable. In this new era, we must cultivate diverse ways of thinking.


Qian Xuhong. [Photo/WeChat account: Chinadaily_Mobile]

President Liu Changsheng of Shanghai University:

Make innovation your life's creed. Dare to explore uncharted territories and scale the highest peaks. Adapt to changing times, approach novelty with enthusiasm, and dare to pioneer in words and deeds. Challenge the unknown, break through limitations, and transcend in practical innovation.

Only by persevering through obstacles can you reach the summit and pave the way for great achievements.


Liu Changsheng. [Photo/WeChat account: Chinadaily_Mobile]