Tongji University hosts cultural exchange for American undergraduates

Over 30 undergraduate students from esteemed American universities, including Harvard University, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania, recently visited Tongji University for a distinctive cultural exchange event.

During the welcome ceremony, representatives from Tongji University warmly greeted the American students, expressing the hope that this event would deepen their understanding of traditional Chinese culture and serve as a catalyst for enhanced friendly exchanges and cooperation between American universities and Tongji.


American students learn about Tongji’s history and development. [Photo/WeChat account: isotju]

At the university’s College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the students engaged in the intricate art of Chinese fan painting using the gongbi technique (a traditional Chinese art form that is known for its precise lines on paper, silk, or satin). They also attended a design critique session, displaying significant interest and curiosity.


Students showcase their painted fans. [Photo/WeChat account: isotju]

As the event concluded, the students reflected on this postivie experience, noting that they had not only learned the techniques of gongbi painting but also experienced the vibrant campus culture.

Earlier this year, in late May, representatives from Tongji University participated in an international education exhibition in New Orleans, where they actively engaged in discussions and collaborations with American universities and academic institutions. This cultural exchange was one of the fruitful outcomes of that exhibition, providing American students with a platform to explore traditional Chinese culture and fostering friendship and mutual understanding between Chinese and American students.


Source: "isotju" WeChat account