As a subsidiary of a group, we are interested in applying for AEO advanced certification. Could you provide details on the "1+N" group cultivation certification model for enterprise groups and industry and supply chains?

The "1+N" group cultivation certification model, applicable to both group and industry and supply chain settings, is a Customs approach encouraging collaborative efforts for "1+N" companies, focusing on cultivating and conducting on-site certification for Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification. In this model, "1" refers to the main enterprise within the centralized management structure, either in a group setting or as the principal enterprise in an industry and supply chain. "N" denotes the other enterprises within the same centralized management structure in a group or the various upstream and downstream enterprises within an industry and supply chain.

In the innovative model, "1+N" enterprises can all be new applicants for AEO advanced certification, or advanced certified enterprises that are required to undergo reevaluation, or a mix of both. Customs prioritizes innovative pilot programs for the group and industry and supply chain cultivation certification model for key industries and enterprises.

Interested parties can participate by having the main enterprise within the "1+N" cluster submit an application expressing their intent to the local Customs office. Customs will then conduct a thorough assessment of the enterprise's information.