How to apply for re-evaluation of export enterprise classification management online?

Log into the online service platform of the Shanghai Municipal Tax Service and click on [I Want to Handle Tax Affairs] - [Export Tax Refund Management] - [Export Enterprise Classification Management]. Find "Application for Re-evaluation of Export Enterprise Classification Management" and click [Online Application] to enter the application module.

Applying for a re-evaluation of export enterprise classification management involves three steps:

Step 1: Detailed Data Collection - Enter the "Export Enterprise Classification Management Re-evaluation Application Form" collection interface, click [New], and enter information such as "reporting period", "re-evaluation category", "re-evaluation reason code", "application reason for re-evaluation", etc. Finally, click [Save] to complete the collection of detailed data for the item.

Step 2: Data Declaration - Click [Generate Declaration Data], enter "declaration year and month," and click [Confirm] to generate declaration data. After checking, click [Formal Declaration].

Step 3: Declaration Result Inquiry - After formal declaration, you can real-time query the "review status" and "review process information" of the application item. Under the "Notice Concerning Tax Matters" section, you can download electronic versions of tax documents such as "Notice of Acceptance Granted".


Source: WeChat account of Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai Municipal People's Government