Guide for foreign patients leaving Shanghai

If you need to leave China due to your medical condition, the following guide provides important information and steps to ensure a smooth departure.


1. If you remain conscious

The hospital will provide you with three essential documents:

  • Medical certificate
  • Risk disclosure notice
  • Application for special passenger air travel

With these documents, your family members can assist in booking air tickets for your departure.


2. If you are unconscious 

You will require an ambulance to the airport and an access pass to the tarmac.

The flight should be equipped with medical staff, either from your home country or from China, including a doctor and a nurse to take care of you during the journey.

Upon arrival at your destination, if the medical staff is from your home country, they will assist in transferring you to a local hospital.

If the medical staff is from China, they will return directly to Shanghai without leaving the airport. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Communication with your embassy or consulate and medical professionals involved is crucial to ensure a safe and well-coordinated departure from Shanghai.