Emergency medical services in Shanghai

City News Service

Sometimes the unexpected happens. It's the middle of the night, and you find yourself in need of URGENT medical help. It can be scary, especially while living in a place that isn't your hometown. 

Notably, in Shanghai's spirit of swift efficiency, critical patients and those with serious injuries receive care before payment is even considered. Therefore, in dire circumstances, don't let your financial situation cause you to hesitate, just go to the hospital immediately if you feel something is seriously wrong.

Call 120 when you need emergency care and first aid.



A patient receive care at the emergency department of Shanghai United Family Hospital.[Photo/City News Service]


Shanghai International Hospitals with Emergency Departments

Shanghai United Family Hospital: As one of the first international hospitals in China, its emergency department has comprehensive care. From acute coronary issues and strokes to major traumas, and covering everything from pediatrics to severe obstetric situations, they've got it covered 24/7. 

Their green channels ensure that specialists are always on hand, ready to provide emergency care or surgical procedures for children, adults, and the elderly. The Pudong branch stands out as the only private hospital in the Pudong New Area with a round-the-clock emergency service.