Adora Magic City hits 150,000 passenger mark| June 12, 2024


[Photo/Shanghai Observer]

Adora Magic City, China's first home-made large cruise ship, has completed 37 voyages and served over 150,000 passengers since its maiden voyage on the New Year's Day.

Captain Niklas Peterstam expressed pride in the ship's performance, saying each voyage has seen over 4,700 passengers on board.

Adora Cruises, the operator of Adora Magic City, announced the launch of immersive cultural events tailored for Chinese families on the company's two cruise ships, Adora Magic City and Adora Mediterranea.

Specialized voyages for the Dragon Boat Festival have allowed passengers to partake in traditional customs such as enjoying rice dumplings and crafting dragon boat models. Adora Magic City has also curated activities for families, and passengers can marvel at replicas of classic murals from the Dunhuang Grottoes at an art exhibition aboard the ship, complete with audio-guided tours.

Adora Cruises is hosting promotional events that include ticket sales, discounts, and bonuses on shopping, dining and off-shore sightseeing experiences. The cruise company offers more through its official website, WeChat mini-program and Fliggy flagship shop and customer services center.

With the inclusion of Adora Magic City, five large cruises have made Shanghai their home port. Together, these ships have served 516,000 inbound and outbound passengers so far this year, according to the Shanghai Exit-Entry Border Inspection General Station.


Source: Shanghai Observer 

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