Code of conduct for pet owners



As a pet owner, you are liable for any harm caused by your pet. If your pet injures someone, you are responsible for compensating the injured party for medical expenses and other losses. However, if it can be proven that the injury resulted from the intentional teasing of your pet by the injured party, your liability may be mitigated or eliminated.

In the case of injuries caused by a prohibited dangerous pet, such as a Tibetan Mastiff, your liability will not be mitigated or eliminated. 

Anyone who allows their animal to harm others will be subject to detention and fines. It is mandatory to provide identification tags for your pets, and large dogs must be muzzled. When walking your dog, it should be on a leash less than 2 meters long, and the leash should be kept tight in crowded areas. Additionally, it is crucial to promptly remove any feces left by your pet.

Furthermore, bringing dogs into office buildings, schools, and other public spaces is prohibited. Pet owners are strongly encouraged to purchase dog liability insurance to ensure coverage for any potential incidents.


Sources: Civil Code of the People's Republic of China, Law of the People's Republicof China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security