How to navigate tourism issues in Shanghai?

Shanghai stands as a vibrant tourist hub, offering a myriad of attractions and experiences. For travelers encountering challenges such as inadequate services at attractions, subpar tour guidance, and deceptive practices, here is a guide to navigate these issues effectively and smoothly.

I. Public-service Hotline

12345 is a 24/7 hotline for consultations, requests for assistance, complaints, and suggestions regarding the government's public administration and public services.

II. Swift Issue Resolution Strategies

Poor Service in Scenic Areas

If you experience unsatisfactory service at a scenic spot, first address the concern with the staff on-site. Should the issue persist, contact 12345 for assistance. You are expected to report the situation in detail, providing any relevant evidence for a more effective resolution.

Inadequate Tour Guide Service

Should you encounter inadequate tour guidance, communicate your concerns directly to the guide. If the issue remains unresolved, contact the Complaint Hotline of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Tourism and Commerce (021-32518888). When filing a complaint, elaborate on the specifics of the problem and submit any pertinent evidence for a thorough investigation.

Consumer Traps

In cases of encountering consumer traps while traveling, initially address the issue with the merchant. If a resolution is not reached, contact the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to escalate the matter. Remember to articulate the problem with precision and offer supporting evidence for a more efficient resolution process.

III. Guide to Make Online Complaints

Complain to the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism

Search for the online complaints platform of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism.



1. Ensure that the complaint content meets platform requirements, including clear subject and facts, contact information, and valid supporting documents for timely contact by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

2. Submit one complaint per issue, avoid repetition, and refrain from mixing complaints with reports to different recipients.

3. Refrain from making unconstitutional or defamatory comments; complainants are liable for their messages.

Click the orange button "知晓并同意" (Get that and I agree).

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Note: "*" indicates a required field.

Complain to the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce:

Search for the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce. Account registration is required for first-time users.

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IV. Precautionary Measures

When filing a complaint, observe the following guidelines:

Preserve relevant evidence, such as photographs and recordings, to facilitate issue resolution.

Ensure that complaints are factual and objective, avoiding excessive emotional language that could impede problem-solving.

Prioritize personal safety when addressing complaints and refrain from impulsive actions to prevent potential mishaps.

V. Conclusion

Travelers are strongly encouraged to exercise caution when embarking on tours.

Prioritize verifying the legitimacy of travel agencies by confirming the presence of both a business license and a travel agency business license.

Avoid engaging in tours promoted by street solicitors or those lacking fixed locations.

It is advisable to formalize travel arrangements by signing a comprehensive travel contract with the agency. This contract should outline clear terms regarding the itinerary, shopping opportunities, excursions, and entertainment options. Ensure that the contract addresses liability for breaches and outlines dispute resolution procedures.

In the unfortunate event of rights and interests being compromised, tourists should meticulously collect and preserve evidence to protect their legitimate rights and interests.