How to apply for a work visa

If you're planning to work in Shanghai and you're not a citizen or permanent resident of China, you'll need a visa that allows you to work legally.


How to apply

You can apply for the visa online at the Chinese Visa Application Service Center. The Visa Centre's websites provide up-to-date online information, online consultation, online form completion and online visa application status query services.


Documents required

Basic Documents

Supporting Documents


Please visit Chinese Embassy/ Consulate General's websites for more details based on your State of residence.

Click here for more information about visa application.


Port visa

Expats with urgent humanitarian, business, or rush repair needs, holding approved materials, can apply for port visas at China's authorized port visa authorities.

Documents required:

Basic Documents & Supporting Documents for port visa


Where to apply

Pudong Airport: International Arrival Areas in Terminals 1 and 2.

Hongqiao Airport: International Arrival Area in Terminal 1.

Open: Monday to Sunday, 24-Hour


Service hotline

Pudong Airport: 021-68346939

Hongqiao Airport: 021-62688916