Shanghai-based French chef shares how to make egg dumplings

By He Qi in Shanghai|| February 07, 2024

Corentin Delcroix, a French chef and founder of food consultancy Black Olive based in Shanghai for 14 years, has a passion for both Chinese and Western cuisine.

Boasting millions of followers on social media platforms like Sina Weibo and Xiaohongshu as well as video-sharing platforms Douyin and Bilibili, Delcroix has become an online influencer who shares his recipes for Chinese, French, and other creative fusion dishes.

Just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, Delcroix unveils the culinary artistry behind a beloved Shanghai dish –– egg dumplings, which have a delectable taste and auspicious connotations that wins people's hearts.

Click the video and follow the recipe to explore the taste of traditional Shanghai egg dumplings!

Ingredient Shopping

Delcroix usually goes to the local market when preparing Chinese cuisine. But in Shanghai, there are also many international supermarkets where he can find imported ingredients, including the German supermarket ALDI, the Korean Kmart and Gmart, and the Japanese chain APITA......These international supermarkets help make foreigner in Shanghai feel at home.


3 eggs

1 pound of pork mince

1 piece of pork lard/1 tablespoon oil

1 bowl of chive-and-ginger water

2 teaspoons of salt

1 pinch of sugar

1 pinch of white pepper

1 large glass of chicken stock/water


Step 1: Season the egg whites and yolks

In a large bowl, whisk the eggs and season with a bit of salt. Strain the excess egg white to ensure a smoother texture.

Step 2: Make the meat stuffing

In a separate bowl, mix the pork mince with salt, sugar, and white pepper. Stir the meat stuffing in one direction while adding chives and ginger water.

Step 3: Treat the ladle

Hold the ladle over the open flame until it reaches medium heat. Rub a piece of pork lard over the hot ladle or directly cover the ladle with oil.

Step 4: Make the egg dumpling shell

Pour 1 tablespoon of egg liquid into the ladle. Immediately turn the ladle in a circular motion to spread the egg, making a small bowl-shape.

Step 5: Add the stuffing

Add 1 teaspoon of the meat stuffing in the middle of the egg dumpling shell.

Step 6: Seal the dumpling

Take the sides of the egg dumpling shell and fold over with chopsticks. Squeeze the edges to close them and cook in the ladle until fully sealed.

Step 7: Repeat the process to make a batch of egg dumplings

Step 8: Prepare "Quan Jia Fu" soup

Place various ingredients such as mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, or whatever you prefer, together with egg dumplings in a pot.

Step 9: Add chicken stock

Pour a large glass of chicken stock/water until it covers the ingredients.

Step 10: Simmer the soup

Cook the soup on a low fire for 10 minutes.

The taste of egg dumplings triggers memories from past Chinese New Year dinners for Delcroix. It's a wonderful time for the whole family to cook together and share the food, he said.


Fu Yiwen contributed to this story.