About Shanghai International Student Service Center

edu.sh.gov.cn| July 08, 2024

The Shanghai International Student Service Center, established in November 2014, is a non-profit social organization that deals with foreign affairs approved by the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau and supervised by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

The service center aims to increase the number of international students in Shanghai and improve educational quality, thereby globalizing education in Shanghai.

It provides international students in China, particularly in Shanghai, with comprehensive services such as information related to Chinese policies targeting international students, universities and courses, Chinese language and culture, processing documents, accommodation, transportation, and consulting services to help them adapt to life in Shanghai.

The supreme authority of the Shanghai International Student Service Center is its council, which has five-year term limits. The council is composed of well-known experts in international education and representatives from relevant government departments, international student departments of universities and colleges, and exchange associations.

The main responsibilities of the center include:

1. Agency services including visa applications for international students in China, residence permits in Shanghai, and other procedures and related physical examinations, notarizations, certification services, etc.

2. Life services such as offering guidance related to accommodation, food and beverages, airport shuttle services, transportation services, and booking bus or boat tickets, in addition to tourism consulting, legal services, psychological counseling, etc.

3. Educational and training services such as providing basic Chinese language training, holding lectures on Chinese culture, helping foreigners adapt, providing information on Shanghai cultural performances, holding summer and winter camps for international students and various short-term cultural exchange projects, and offering information and guidance related to internships, employment, and further study.

For more information, please visit http://www.sissc.com.cn/