Amended Shanghai Non-motor Vehicle Safety Management Regulations will go into effect June 1| May 15, 2024

The Shanghai Non-Motor Vehicle Safety Management Regulations released on May 1, 2021, will see its newly amended version coming into effect on June 1.

The amended version, approved by the 13th meeting of the 16th Shanghai Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee on May 10, aims to further strengthen the safety governance of electric bicycles in the city, which have been rapidly increasing in recent years, according to the Shanghai legislator.

There has been a rising trend in fires caused by violations such as illegal parking and charging of electric bicycles, posing a serious threat to lives and property.

The amendment stipulates that the municipal and district people's governments should increase investment in the construction of non-motor vehicle parking and charging facilities in residential communities to better meet residents' needs for regular charging. It also highlights management requirements for electric bicycle batteries.

The amendment also adds safety management requirements for passenger ferries carrying electric bicycles, including equipping firefighting facilities and strengthening safety inspections of electric bicycles to reduce transportation risks, enhance emergency response capabilities, and specify that passengers carrying electric bicycles on ferries must comply with management requirements set by the operating units.

To prevent fire risks caused by unauthorized charging activities, the amendment details provisions that prohibit unauthorized parking and charging in shared areas of buildings, fire exits, and crowded places, and sets legal responsibilities for unauthorized charging behavior. Additionally, it prohibits unauthorized parking and charging in indoor areas of residential buildings and carrying electric bicycles or their batteries into elevators, with corresponding legal responsibilities.

Moreover, it outlines administrative, criminal, and civil liabilities for fire incidents caused by unauthorized parking and charging and encourages the prosecution authorities to explore public interest litigation related to accidents and hazards.

To effectively prevent and control electric bicycle safety risks at the source, the amendment also specifies legal responsibilities for engaging in commercial activities involving the assembly, modification, or sale of non-motor vehicles that have been assembled, modified, or altered.


Source: Shanghai Morning Post