Satisfaction rate with garbage sorting hits 96.5%| May 23, 2024


A woman throws garbage into a trash bin in Shanghai. [Photo/VCG]

Shanghai has made significant strides in waste management over the past year, with about 95 percent of the city's communities and business units meeting the standard for household waste sorting.

The municipal government revealed the data on May 21, during a meeting focused on household waste sorting. Additionally, a survey of 150,000 residents indicated a satisfaction rate of 96.5 percent regarding the city's garbage sorting efforts.

The successful implementation of waste sorting initiatives is evident in the daily sorting of wet waste and dry waste in the city, which average 9,443 tons and 17,264 tons per day, respectively. 

As a crucial part in waste sorting, the city recycled 7,698 tons of garbage daily on average. The city also processed two tons of hazardous waste every day. 

Since the city mandated household waste sorting in 2019, Shanghai has doubled efforts to renovate household waste collection sites.

The government plans to construct over 300 exemplary communities and update more than 3,000 waste classification sites this year to benefit more residents.

Source:WeChat account "Shanghai Fabu"