Shanghai Customs introduce measures to facilitate cross-border trade| May 24, 2024

To better facilitate cross-border trade, Shanghai Customs has introduced 36 measures with a focus on enhancing the experience for businesses. Here are some highlights:


  1. Streamlining Customs Procedures: These measures include establishing a "Green Channel" for air freight containing fresh agricultural products, optimizing inspection processes, and enhancing customs technology infrastructure.

  2. Enhancing Trade Services: Efforts are being made to nurture Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) enterprises, simplify customs procedures for different types of businesses, and support the development of high-tech enterprises.

  3. Empowering Industries: New measures are in place to support the integrated circuit industry, advance research and development in biopharmaceuticals, and promote innovation in high-tech sectors like artificial intelligence.

  4. Diversifying Trade Formats: Measures include boosting integrated development of the cruise ship economy, as well as promoting high-quality development in the processing trade sector.

  5. Smart Regulatory Services: Some of the new measures focus on simplifying clearance processes through smart customs technologies, exploring risk management models based on supply chains, and piloting remote supervision projects.

  6. Enhancing Communication: Efforts are being made to establish dedicated service desks, improve feedback mechanisms, optimize government services, and engage in collaborative forums for trade facilitation.


Source: Jiefang Daily