'Summer Tong Seoi' art exhibition unveiled at Labelhood House


The "Summer Tong Seoi" art exhibition has recently opened its doors at Labelhood House, located at No 796 Julu Road in Jing'an district, Shanghai. This vibrant event celebrates the spirit of summer through a stunning array of interactive experiences and thematic displays.


Over a dozen themed art pieces are arranged throughout the hall, creating a captivating summer atmosphere. [Photo/WeChat account: jaxwzx]

Curated by Labelhood and Tong Seoi Studio, the exhibition showcases a collection of glass artworks and colorful tableware, promising visitors a refreshing visual delight. More than a dozen themed art pieces have been thoughtfully arranged, imbuing the space with a captivating summer ambiance.


On-site artists guide visitors on how to make bookmarks. [Photo/WeChat account: jaxwzx]

Visitors can also engage in creative activities guided by on-site artists, including bookmark making, adding an interactive dimension to the exhibition experience.

Labelhood House itself serves as an ideal venue for this showcase, designed around the concept of a modern home. It is dedicated to spotlighting contemporary Chinese designs across various realms, from fashion and craftsmanship to cultural expressions.

Exhibition details:

Address: Labelhood House, No 796 Julu Road, Jing'an district

Dates: Until July 13

Open: 10 am – 10 pm


Source: "jaxwzx" WeChat account