Finding parks that permit pets, camping and kites in Shanghai

With the number of parks in Shanghai reaching 477, there are so many choices for your park excursions. Here is a guide to finding pet-friendly parks, camping areas and kite-flying permission with a few clicks on your mobile phone.

Search on WeChat for the "绿色上海" (WeChat account: shlhsr) official account.


Enter the account and click "Services", and then "公园服务查询" (Park Service Query).



You will see icons for "宠物友好" (pet-friendly), "帐篷休憩" (camping), "风筝踏青" (kite-flying) and "体育健身" (sports and fitness) on the dashboard.


You can also choose "星级筛选" (star-rated parks), "24小时开放" (open 24 hours) and "免费入园" (free admission).


The "Park Service Search" page offers a comprehensive list of 24-hour parks, free parks and those that accommodate pets (33), camping (72) and kite-flying (18), as well as sports and fitness activities (276). Users can click on each park to delve deeper into its specific offerings.


The "宠物友好" (pet-friendly) section provides park hours, entry guidelines, reservations and facilities for pet safety and enjoyment. Parks with designated pet areas specify animal size restrictions and corresponding locations.


NOTE: Please adhere to the regulations and the respective safety and order management regulations of each park.


In the "帐篷休憩" (camping) section, you can find park hours, tent areas, safety distances, capacities and lawn rotation plans for each park.


NOTE: Please adhere to the Shanghai Municipal Convention on Civilized Behavior in park tent areas and the management rules of each park's tent area. Do not use open fires, securely anchor ground pegs and wind ropes, display warning signs and conduct recreation activities in a safe and orderly manner.


In the "风筝踏青" (kite-flying) section, you can view park hours, area sizes, kite requirements and safety measures. Note the strict prohibition on kite flying within 300 meters of overhead power lines for safety and facility protection.


NOTE: Please adhere to the "Regulations for the Protection of Electric Power Facilities" and maintain a safe distance from high-voltage power lines, avoid densely populated areas, be cautious of sudden weather changes and prioritize park safety.


Explore the "体育健身" (sports and fitness) section for location details and fitness environment information. Some venues require reservations due to space limitations.


NOTE: Please adhere to the "Shanghai Parks Civilized Parking Code" (2018 version) and the relevant safety management regulations of each park's venues.


Sources:, "shlhsr" WeChat account