Guide to enrolling in driving school in Shanghai

For people looking to enroll in a driving school in Shanghai, there are specific steps to follow to ensure a smooth learning experience. Here is a guide to help you navigate the process effectively.



1.Selecting a driving school

You can access the list of qualified driving schools in Shanghai by visiting the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Driver Training Industry Website or via its interactive Driving School Map.



Visit the service window set up by the driving school to register. 

Sign the "Shanghai Motor Vehicle Driver Training Service Contract", which will stipulate the contract period, training content, training hours, training service locations, and fees. 

After signing the training contract, pay the fees and ensure to keep a copy of the contract and training fee invoice. You have the right to refuse payment for any fees not stipulated in the training contract.


3.Confirmation of training hours

During the training process, you must use fingerprint sign-in and sign-out on the in-car timing device and sign and confirm the "Teaching Log".

After completing the required training hours, students must log in to the Shanghai Timing Driving Training Service Platform to confirm the validity of all training hours before scheduling subject exams.

You must know the training hour requirements to ensure a smooth training experience and gain a solid grasp of driving skills.


Here are the training hour requirements:

Training hour requirements.jpg

4.Protecting your rights 

If you encounter issues related to the quality of teaching services provided by the driving school during the training process, you should collect and retain evidence and report them to the respective driving school. A complaint hotline can be found through the "Shanghai Timing Driving Training Service Platform". 

In cases of disputes concerning the fulfillment of training contract terms and refunds, you should retain relevant evidence (including but not limited to the training contract and invoice receipts) and attempt to resolve the issue through negotiation with the driving school. If negotiations are unsuccessful, you can resort to arbitration through the Shanghai Arbitration Commission or file a civil lawsuit in court.


Source: Information Office of Shanghai Municipality

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