How to use Gaode Maps

Gaode Maps, also known as Amap, is not available in English but you can search by English address and location results will show. The app also marks your real-time location accurately so you won't get lost. 


First search “Gaode” or “高德地图” and download the Gaode Maps app.



Open it up, click the blue arrow at the bottom for “路线 Route” and type the address in the search bar. The top of the search bar is your starting point, or your current location, and the bottom is your destination. You can enter English, such as “Hongqiao Airport” and the possible options will display in a drop-down menu. 


Select the most accurate destination, like “上海虹桥国际机场 Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport”. Multiple transportation options will be available – “bus and metro”, “driving”, “taking a taxi”, “biking”, or “on foot”.  

Select “bus and metro” and the fastest route will appear at the top or you can choose other routes. 



Click the route for detailed route information, which tells you where to take the metro or bus and which station to exit, and how long you need to walk or bicycle to get to the destination.  



You can also choose “biking”. There are two options – bicycle and e-bike. Several routes will be recommended, showing the time needed to reach the destination, distance and number of traffic lights along the route.