Shanghai Summer initiative kicks off| July 08, 2024

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The first Shanghai International Consumption Season kicks off on July 6. [Photo by Gu Yingjie/]

The first Shanghai International Consumption Season kicks off on July 6, offering an array of activities during the summertime.

The event, also called Shanghai Summer, will last until the second weekend of October, with hundreds of activities planned. This includes exhibitions, live performance, festivals and sport events that are designed to delight visitors.

The Shanghai International Consumption Season, another major event initiative by the government following the Shanghai Shopping Festival, aims at building Shanghai into an international consumption center.

Shanghai Mayor Gong Zheng said that Shanghai prospers because of its business sector and its unique vibe. He calls for an enhanced consumption service sector and invites global visitors to experience all that Shanghai has to offer.

At the launching ceremony, seven benchmark events were introduced, of which five events unveiled for the first time, including the RED City Walk Pro experience and the Shanghai International Cruise Festival. Two events were continued from the previous years, which are the Shanghai Tourism festival and the ATP Masters 1000 Shanghai.

Tang Weiwei, vice president of the RED, said that this year's event will last from August 23 to September 1 across the city. It is meant to bring people joy as they walk along the streets of Shanghai and experience its vibrant atmosphere.

"This year, there will be more bloggers from RED joining the event," said Tang, "they will showcase their creativity in planning the events." In addition, the company has organized for a group of American students to  join the event and experience the fusion culture in Shanghai, according to Ren Jing, general manager of RED Shanghai.

Global partners of the Shanghai Summer initiative were also announced at the ceremony, with partnering brands offering exclusive benefits encompassing all aspects of a smooth travelling experience. Of the partnering brands, some stand out of the crowd, including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Eastern Airline, Bailian Group, and Marriot International.

During the international consumption season event, Bailian Group will distribute a large number of gift cards that worth a net total over millions of dollars, according to Pu Shaohua, president of Bailian Group. Inbound foreign visitors can get a Bailian Gift Card at any of its shopping centers. Meanwhile, it will launch Bailian Voyage, an integrated sales event catering to both international and domestic visitors.

To meet the needs of inbound foreign travelers, Bailian Group has optimized its international traveler services, allowing for foreign card payments and providing convenient baggage storage services. It also launched 31 departure tax rebate outlets on July 2, and now manages 40 Bailian shopping centers all across Shanghai.

According to Tian Qingyao, vice president of the Greater China sector of Marriot International, more than 40 of its hotels are now running exciting promotions. One such deal is that guests who book the hotel's Superior Room with breakfast can add 1 yuan ($0.14) to their total to get an upgraded exhibition experience in Shanghai, including ticket discounts and access to VIP lanes. These hotels will also organize tours to old towns and museums. These promotions are limited to a total of 60,000 accommodation bookings.

Tian noted that although a number of people travel for business purposes, they also wish to enjoy their leisure time by exploring the city. This is particularly true for foreign visitors, which comprise 30 to 40 percent of their guests.

To make it more convenient for travelers to make the most of their stay in Shanghai, the Shanghai Summer initiative has developed a smart activities schedule that can arrange activities automatically once the travelers choose specific dates and interests. Visitors can access this function through the "I GO Shanghai" WeChat program, which is available in both English and Mandarin.


Source: "shanghaifabu" WeChat account