Summer sports events to unfold in Changning district

As June comes to a close, Shanghai is gearing up for a vibrant July with the launch of the Shanghai Summer International Consumption Season.

From the first weekend of July to the second weekend of October, Changning district in the city will be buzzing with exciting sports and leisure activities. Here's a guide to the must-see events:

Raffles City Changning

The Raffles City Changning is celebrating its seventh anniversary with a sports-themed extravaganza. The large lawn at the entrance of this modern complex has been transformed into a vibrant sports hub featuring:

- A cool pool

- Colorful boxing ring

- Retro roller-skating rink

- Basketball relaxation area

- Giant viewing sofas


The Instagram-worthy art installation presented by the Raffles City Changning. [Photo/WeChat account: RafflescityChangning]

Visitors can snap photos, watch the UEFA Euro 2024 and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games matches and join various sports community activities. The mall is also collaborating with well-known brands like Hazzys, Chapter Home and Tommy Hilfiger to offer exclusive in-store perks.

Dates: Now until Aug 4

Address: No 1139 Changning Road

The Place

The Place is turning up the heat with its sports season. Inspired by the Paris Olympics, the mall will feature eight open sports scenes, including:

- Cycling

- Running

- Table tennis

- Hurdles

- Weightlifting

- Standing long jump

- Balance beam

- Box jumping

These interactive installations are perfect for company employees, young people and families to experience different Olympic events.


The Place under the night sky. [Photo/WeChat account: huayangzhoudao]

Dates: July 5 to Aug 11 (tentative)

Address: No 100 Zunyi Road

Bingo Plaza

Bingo Plaza's annual healthy night run is back with a twist! This year's event will feature floating balloons marking each runner's path, creating a special spectacle. Participants will attach their balloons to a balloon tree at the finish line for a memorable group photo. Online reservations for the event will open one week in advance through a mini-program. For more details, follow the Bingu Plaza via the WeChat account "BINGO_PLAZA".

Dates: August

Address: No 341 & 345 Tianshan Road

Bailian Xijiao Shopping Center

Bailian Xijiao Shopping Center is hosting a city sports festival with a variety of activities, including:

- CrossFit sessions with lululemon

- Weekend cycling events with RE (RE is a bicycle retailer that aims to promote sustainability and urban cycling, supporting the development of bike infrastructure. Their name represents recycling, research, recreation, and revolution in the cycling industry.)

- Tire exercises

- Creative running on popular tracks


Young ladies exercise at the entrance of the Bailian Xijiao Shopping Center. [Photo/WeChat account: huayangzhoudao]

Dates: July 3 to Aug 18

Address: No 88 West Xianxia Road

These events offer a fantastic opportunity to embrace the summer spirit, stay active and enjoy the festive atmosphere leading up to the Paris Olympic Games. Don't miss out on all the fun!


Sources: "huayangzhoudao" WeChat account, "RafflescityChangning" WeChat account