Shanghai Summer School kicks off at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics| July 11, 2024

The Shanghai Summer School (China Business Program) was launched at the International Cultural Exchange School (ICES), Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) on July 1.

Associate Dean Rong Jun of ICES extended a warm welcome to all participants, providing an overview of the program's background and distinctive features. He expressed his hope that through this program, students will forge new friendships, enhance their Chinese language proficiency, gain insights into China's economic and social development, and deepen their understanding of Chinese business values.

Following the opening ceremony, the ice-breaking games brought not only laughter but also a sense of camaraderie among the students. This multicultural and multilingual event underscored the value of diverse cultural exchanges and international friendships.


Students engage in ice-breaking games. [Photo/WeChat account: SUFE-ICES]


Participants tour the SUFE campus, immersing themselves in the university's rich historical heritage and academic atmosphere. [Photo/WeChat account: SUFE-ICES]


Source: "SUFE-ICES" WeChat account