Most people choose to eat crab in autumn, but food enthusiasts also enjoy eating it in summer. Crabs that are ready to be served on the summer dining table are called "liuyuehuang", meaning "golden crab roe in the sixth lunar month" in Chinese. Despite having fewer nutrients than autumn crabs, liuyuehuang are favored by customers because of their soft texture and fresh taste. 

Farmed in Shanghai's local districts, such as Songjiang, Chongming and Qingpu, liuyuehuang typically refer to hairy crabs that have gone through three molts and are just growing into maturity. The shells of crabs at this stage are still soft, allowing for them to be cooked in various ways.


A picture of liuyuehuang. [Photo/WeChat account: shanghaifabu]

Besides steaming, liuyuehuang can also be stir-fried with ingredients such as rice cakes, dough balls and edamame. After soaking in the umami flavor of the liuyuehuang, even garnish ingredients become extraordinarily delicious. The tender roe in the crab can be eaten effortlessly, leaving a lingering taste on your tongue. The crab meat would first impress diners with its juicy texture, and then its freshness will linger as an aftertaste. 


These liuyuehuang are cooked with lemon and plum. [Photo/WeChat account: shhplyj]


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