Shanghai offers luggage storage services in 227 cultural and tourist sites

In a bid to enhance convenience for both domestic and international travelers visiting Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, in collaboration with various district-level cultural and tourism departments, has introduced luggage storage services to another 57 cultural and tourist sites in the city.

There are now 227 cultural and tourist sites across Shanghai that offer luggage storage services. This service spans 71 A-level scenic spots, 69 art galleries, 67 museums, and 20 public libraries. Travelers from around the world are warmly invited to visit Shanghai to experience all of its beauty and modern conveniences!


71 scenic spots

Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai Wild Animal Park

Memorial for the Site of the First, Second and Fourth National Congress of the Communist Party of China

Xisha Pearl Lake Scenic Area

Sightseeing Hall Jinmao Tower

Century Park

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Shanghai Tower Observation Deck

Bicester Village Shanghai

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Madame Tussauds Shanghai

Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence in Shanghai

Xujiahui Origin

Longhua Martyrs Cemetery

Shanghai Zoo

Ocean World

Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Shanghai Fashion Center

Chinese Ink and Brush Painting Workshop

Gucun Park

Shanghai Paotaiwan Scenic Spot

Wusong Paotaiwan Wetland Forest Park

Estuary Science and Technology Museum of Yangtze River Shanghai

Baoshan International Folk Art Expo

Jinjiang Paradise

Pujiang Country Park

Guyi Garden

Nanxiang Ancient Town

Shanghai International Circuit

Fengjing Ancient Town

Jinshan City Beach

Jinshanzui Fishing Village

Langxia Country Park

Shanghai Blooming Garden

Sheshan National Forest Park

Fangta Garden

Shanghai Happy Valley

Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

Shanghai Film Park

Guangfulin Park

Shanghai Smurfs Theme Park

The Grand View Garden Area of Shanghai

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Oriental Land

Liantang Ancient Town

Lianyi Loquat Eco-Park

Shanghai Zhangma Scenic Area

Bihai Jinsha Scenic Area

Haiwan National Forest Park

Dongping National Forest Park

Haishanghuadao Ecology Resort

Jiangnan Sanmin Cultural Village

Dongtan Wetland Park

Changxing Island Country Park

Jinze Ancient Town

Shuyuan Renjia Hotel

Shanghai Geological Popular Science Museum

Xinchang Ancient Town

Florentia Village

Haishen Village Tourist Area, Pudong New Area

Huangxing Park

Peninsula 1919 Cultural and Creative Industry Park

Shanghai Wood Culture Museum

Minhang Sports Park

Hanxiang Water Expo Garden

Chinese Folk Art Village

Caojing Country Park

Shanghai Shimao Elf City Theme Park

Shanghai Huangpu River Starting Point Tourism Area

Shanghai Songze Heritage Site Museum


69 galleries

China Art Museum, Shanghai

Cheng Shifa Art Museum

Wu Changshuo Memorial Hall

Being Art Museum

The Museum of Art Pudong

Shanghai Himalayas Museum

Shanghai Comic Center

Wangshi Art Gallery

Yunjian Art Museum

Zhou Pu Art Gallery

Modern Art Museum

HOW Art Museum

Lianming Art Museum

3723 Art Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

Shanghai Jiushi Art Museum

MOCA Shanghai

Johhan Art Center

Fosun Foundation Shanghai

Rockbund Art Museum

Bund One Art Museum

Huashan Art Museum

Shanghai Mylnikov Art Museum

Ming Contemporary Art Museum


Meet You Museum (Shanghai)

Xinxiang Art Museum

Picasso Art Museum

Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy Art Museum

Xuhui District Art Museum

West Bund Art Museum

Mingyuan Art Museum

Long Museum

Tank Shanghai

START Museum

Shanghai Xuhui District Jiudianshui Art Museum

Liu Haisu Art Museum

Shanghai Oil Painting & Sculpture Institute Art Museum

Shanghai Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum

Shanghai Russian Style Art Gallery

Propaganda Poster Art Center

Shanghai Haipai Calligraphy and Painting Art Museum

Huacui Contemporary Art Museum

The Right Art Museum

Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum

Shanghai Suning Art Museum

Zhu Qizhan Art Museum

Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art

Shanghai Hong Art Museum

Oriental Fisherman's Wharf Art Museum

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Cheng Ji Art Museum

Shanghai Haipai Art Museum

Shanghai PowerLong Museum

Shanghai Pearl Art Museum

Shanghai Zhongmin Hongqiao Art Museum

Lu Yanshao Art Academy

Han Tianheng Art Museum

Jia Yuan Hai Art Museum

Ding Cong Art Museum

Songjiang Art Museum

Shanghai Songjiang's Xianhe Art Museum

Shanghai State Quintessence Gallery

Art+ Century Museum

Shanghai Songjiang YOUNG Art Museum

Qingkong Renju Art Gallery

Shanghai Yuz Museum

Shanghai Helong Art Gallary

Shanghai Qingpu Jinye Art Museum

Wu Yi En Museum of Art


67 museums

Shanghai Museum on People's Square

Shanghai Museum East

Former Residence of Huang Yanpei

Former Residence of Zhang Wentian

Pudong History Museum

China Maritime Museum

Aurora Museum

Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai Museum of Popular Geological Science

Shanghai Guanfu Museum

Shanghai Haipai Mahogany Art Museum

Shanghai Astronomy Museum (Branch of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum)

Memorial of the First National Congress of the CPC

Shanghai History Museum (Shanghai Revolution Museum)

Shanghai World Expo Museum

Shanghai Museum of Sun Yat-Sen's Former Residence

Liuli China Museum

Shanghai Bund History Museum

Shanghai Bank Museum

ITTF Museum (China Table Tennis Museum)

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Shanghai Sports Museum

Shanghai Teddy Bear Museum

Shanghai Natural History Museum (Branch of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum)

Longhua Martyrs Memorial

Soong Ching Ling Memorial Residence in Shanghai

Shanghai Museum of Public Security

Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts

The Museum of Shanghai Jiao Tong University's History

Qian Xuesen Library & Museum

Shanghai Film Museum

Shanghai Children's Museum

Exhibition Hall of Soong Qingling's Life

Shanghai Fire Museum

Shanghai Unity Project Museum

Shanghai Textile Museum

Shanghai Luxun Museum

Memorial of the Fourth National Congress of the CPC

Site of the League of Leftist Writers of China

Former Residence of Martyr Li Bai

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

China Securities Museum

National Anthem Gallery

China Tobacco Museum

Museum of Fudan University

The Museum of China Press and Publication

Shanghai World Skills Museum

Shanghai Museum of Glass

The Museum of Shanghai University (Haipai Culture Museum)

Shanghai Wood Cultural Museum

Minhang District Museum

Shanghai Metro Museum

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Museum

Jiading Museum

Jiading Bamboo Carving Museum

V.K. Wellington Koo Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum

Sihai Teapot Museum

Shanghai Haina Wu Juenong Tea Culture Museum

Shanghai Jinshan Museum

Shanghai Qingpu Museum

Chen Yun Memorial Hall

Shanghai Songze Heritage Site Ruins Museum

Fengxian Museum

Chongming Museum

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

Former Residence of Shen Yinmo


20 public libraries

Shanghai Library East Branch

Yangpu Library

Pudong Library

Huangpu Library

Mingfu Library in Huangpu District

Shanghai Library (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Shanghai)

Zikawei Library

Changning Library

Shanghai Children's Library

Shanghai Jing'an District Zhabei Children's Library

Jing'an District Library

Shanghai Putuo Library (Shanghai Putuo Children's Library)

Hongkou District Library

Baoshan District Library

Minhang District Library

Jiading District Library

Jinshan District Library

Shanghai Songjiang Culture Activity Center (Songjiang District Library)

Qingpu District Library

Fengxian District Library

Chongming District Library


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