Zhangyuan-North Maoming Road




Zhangyuan offers a variety of activities during festivals. [Photo provided to International Services Shanghai]

Zhangyuan-North Maoming Road, covering an area of 43,800 square metres and a building area of 62,500 square metres, is a historical and cultural landmark in Shanghai.


Zhangyuan is a shopping destination for top brands. [Photo provided to International Services Shanghai]

It was the first public space in the city during the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), offering various activities such as exhibitions, speeches, amusement facilities, and Western-style afternoon tea. In 1919, the land was divided into blocks, and different types of houses were built. The area still preserves some of the largest, most intact, and most diverse shikumen buildings from the 1920s, which are typical of Shanghai's architectural style. It is also the first urban renewal project in Shanghai that involves protective expropriation and transformation of historical buildings.


Zhangyuan is a high-end commercial hub that provides a sophisticated retail environment. [Photo provided to International Services Shanghai]

Nowadays, Zhangyuan has transformed into a high-end commercial hub, serving the people, revitalising the space, and providing a sophisticated retail environment that matches the historical charm and modern flair of the Shanghai-style commercial block.


Address: No 188 Alley North Maoming Road, Jing'an district


Source: Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce