Intl students dive into traditional Chinese culture with dough figurine art| July 05, 2024

On June 28, the Hongkou campus of Shanghai International Studies University buzzed with excitement as 20 international students met up with Chinese students from Xiamen University in Fujian province for a unique cultural exchange.

The highlight of the day was an immersive workshop on creating zhuang gao ren, a distinctive form of dough figurine art that is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage from Quanzhou city in Fujian province. Zhuang gao ren boasts a history spanning over 1,000 years, dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Historically, it was used in sacrificial and celebratory rituals as offerings to deities.

Throughout the workshop, students delved into the rich cultural history of Quanzhou and learned the intricate processes of making zhuang gao ren, including dough preparation, shaping, and coloring. This hands-on experience sparked a deep interest in the historical and artistic aspects of this craft. An Egyptian student shared her enthusiasm, saying, "This isn't my first time making dough figurines, and I noticed the differences between those from the north and the south."


Students color the flour. [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]

Zhuang gao ren.jpg

Students display their creations. [Photo/WeChat account: Study_in_SISU]

This event not only allowed international students to experience the allure of traditional Chinese culture firsthand, but also deepened their understanding of China's intangible cultural heritage.


Source: "Study_in_SISU" WeChat account