International talents shine at Yangtze River Delta academic forum| July 10, 2024

From June 23 to 25, the Academic Forum for Advanced International Students in the Yangtze River Delta Region, hosted by the China Scholarship Council, was successfully held at Zhejiang University. The event brought together international students from 17 universities, including Fudan University.

Representing Fudan University were Malaysian master's student Lo Mei Hui from the School of Journalism, along with Russian master's student Makarova Kseniia and Korean master's student Seohui Baek, both from the School of International Relations and Public Affairs.


International student representatives from Fudan University take a photo with Associate Dean Lu Zhengzhong of Zhejiang University's International College. [Photo/WeChat account: fudaniso]

The forum featured four parallel sessions: Science and Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy, Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences, and Arts and Humanities. In the Arts and Humanities session, Lo Mei Hui analyzed the relationship between social media use and individual mental health.

Makarova Kseniia presented a report on "Russian-Chinese Cooperation in BRICS," providing insights into Sino-Russian relations within the BRICS framework, thus adding an international perspective to the discussions.


During a discussion session, international students explored challenges in academic writing, cultural adaptation in China, and integration into China's research environment. [Photo/WeChat account: fudaniso]


The forum includes a tour of Hangzhou, allowing participants to experience the city's scenic beauty. [Photo/WeChat account: fudaniso]


Makarova Kseniia shares her reflections on behalf of all the international students attending the forum at the closing ceremony. [Photo/WeChat account: fudaniso]

This event not only strengthened academic cooperation between Fudan University and Zhejiang University but also enhanced the visibility and influence of international students in China's academic community.


Source: "fudaniso" WeChat account