How to take metro

Shanghai's subway network spans over 800 kilometers on 20 different lines.

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How to buy your tickets

Shanghai Metro adopts a distance-based fare system. Ticket fares range from 3 yuan for distances less than 6 kilometers, then an additional 1 yuan for each additional 10 kilometers.

It is recommended to purchase tickets from a ticket vending machine, which automatically calculates the fare according to the destination station specified.

Another way is to download the Shanghai Metro DADUHUI App. This is the most convenient way to take Shanghai Metro.


If you have an Alipay or WeChat Pay account, you can download the Shanghai Metro DADUHUI which supports Alipay and WeChat Pay or simply open Shanghai Metro online service on Alipay and WeChat, then you can take the metro and make a transfer by simply scanning the QR code under a second.

If you don't have an Alipay or WeChat Pay account, Shanghai Metro DADUHUI App and MasterCard are working together to facilitate international passengers to use their MasterCard cards for transportation in Shanghai. The cardholders can simply link their MasterCard cards to Shanghai Metro DADUHUI App and enjoy the same travel experience as Shanghai locals.

POS machines have also been added in all the service centers of Shanghai's metro stations to facilitate the use of foreign bank cards for purchasing tickets.