For the love of books: Community libraries in Shanghai

In the vibrant city of Shanghai, a tale of community spirit and the love for reading unfolds through the narratives of five distinct libraries nestled in different districts. 

These libraries, each with its unique charm and vision, stand as beacons of knowledge and cultural enrichment for the residents they serve.

Because of their unique contribution to public reading services, they were included in a national list of recommended community libraries by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently.



Jiading District Library

The Jiading District Library stands as tall as a champion, leading the way in promoting a culture of reading in the community. Through innovative programs like "Jiading Reading Month" and engaging activities such as "Jiading Art and Education", they create a haven for book lovers and knowledge seekers alike.

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Pudong Library

At the heart of Pudong, the library thrives on collaboration and sharing resources, offering a range of reading materials to cater to the needs of readers. By embracing local heritage and weaving it into their activities, such as showcasing the traditional textile art of Pudong, the library has become a hub of cultural preservation and dissemination.