Things to do after arriving in Shanghai


After arriving in Shanghai, there are some things you need to do to help you better settle in the city.


First, you must register your place of residence with the local police within 24 hours of arrival at the address. If you live in a hotel, the registration should be handled by the staff members at the hotel.

Register your accommodation 


Purchase and activate a Chinese SIM card for mobile phone service. Make sure you have an unlocked mobile phone (not tied to a mobile carrier or contract). Having a Chinese phone number will make it easier to communicate, register on Chinese apps and help save money on communication expenses. 

Setting up mobile service 


After setting up your mobile service, there are important apps that will simplify daily tasks, bridge the language gap, and make living or traveling in Shanghai much easier. Check out some recommended apps. 

Essential apps 


Whether you are doing business in Shanghai or planning to settle in city, opening a bank account offers many advantages, such as paying for living expenses and items, collecting salary and shopping online. 

Open a bank account


The convenience and efficiency of China's mobile payment system greatly enhances daily tasks. You pay for almost everything by scanning WeChat Pay or Alipay QR codes. If you are new to China, you can link overseas bank cards to China's mobile payment services. Click the link for more information.

Using mobile payments