Shanghai libraries honor literary giants

Many literary giants have left their mark in Shanghai. Libraries named after these figures are not only evocative and aesthetically pleasing, but some are also high-quality reading spaces waiting for you to explore.

1 Ba Jin Study


Ba Jin (1904-2005) was one of China's most acclaimed writers and this year marks the 120th anniversary of his birth. The Shanghai Xuhui district administration of culture and tourism, in collaboration with the Former Residence of Ba Jin, has created a themed reading area on the second floor of the Zikawei Library.


At the entrance of the themed reading area, there is a statue of Ba Jin executed by famous Soviet Union sculptor Sergei Ivanovich Selikhanov in 1957, depicting the image of a middle-aged Ba Jin deep in thought.


The themed reading area is centered around Ba Jin's famous 1933 novel Jia (Family) and his home in Xuhui. It includes a replica of the two remaining pages of Ba Jin's manuscript of Jia, as well as the first combined display of 30 Chinese versions – including braille and ethnic languages – and 32 foreign language versions of Jia.

Address: 2F Zikawei Library, No 158 North Caoxi Road, Xuhui district


2 Cao Ying Study


Sheng Junfeng (1923-2015), known by his pen name Cao Ying, is a familiar name to many literary fans because he made a great deal of Russian literature accessible to Chinese readers.

The Cao Ying Study is a small building in Spanish-style architecture, with a gently sloping roof covered in red cylindrical tiles and bright exterior colors. Its arched porch, wrought iron doors and windows, mosaic floor tiles and other design elements form the main features of this type of Spanish architecture.


Currently, the ground floor of the building is being used as the exhibition hall for the study and showcases his relentless pursuits in his translation career. In the wake of Cao Ying's professional drive, a platform for exchanging Chinese and foreign thoughts and literary translations has been established.

Address: Building 3, No 178 South Wulumuqi Road, Xuhui district


3 Lu Xun Book Room

Lu Xun (1881-1936) was a pioneer of modern Chinese literature.


Recently, the Lu Xun Book Room in Hongkou district has been renovated and opened to the public in the form of a digital salon.


The digital salon is located next to the former site of Lu Xun Book Room, divided into the first and second floors. Powered by digital technology, it has been transformed into a cultural exchange space that combines leisure, reading and study tours.

Address: No 1367 Liyang Road, Hongkou district


4 Fu Lei Library


Fu Lei Library is the only library in China that is themed on Fu Lei (1908-1966) – a prominent writer and translator – and it's also the first cultural celebrity library in Shanghai.


Creative designs such as the long desk and reading stairs placed inside the library have proved to be very popular on the internet and are highly praised by readers.

Address: No 800 East Shenmei Road, Pudong New Area


5 Ye Xin Gaoqiao Study


This study is named after Ye Xin, a famous writer and former deputy chairman of the China Writers Association.


The study consists of three functional areas, showcasing Ye's literary works at different stages and in different styles, as well as various photos from different periods.

Address: Lane 1-3, No 173 Xijie Street, Gaoqiao town, Pudong New Area


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